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Complete Therapeutic Massage

At Complete Therapeutic Massage we provide clinical massage therapy, or integrative manual therapy, with the intention to provide results and lasting change.  Our team will work with your body and breath in a relaxing setting to help eliminate pain and create resilience. 
Our sessions are clinical in nature and we work hand-in-hand with other professionals to create long term solutions.  As practitioners, we look at your posture, patterns and ranges before doing the hands-on work. Learn More >>


Clinical Massage &
Integrative Manual Therapy

This treatment is focused on treating a new nagging pain, an old injury, unexplained injuries/pain, negative holding patterns/movement patterns, etc.  This session is goal oriented with specific work tailored to your specific needs. 

Pre- & Post-Surgery

This treatment is focused on the area of the surgery, including the areas connected to and impacted by it.  Pre-surgery sessions help create a better outcome, speed up recovery and alleviate negative guarding/holding patterns.  Post-surgery sessions help decrease inflammation, reduce/improve scar tissue, and support recovery.

Chronic Pain Patients

This session is tailored to work with individuals dealing with chronic pain.  It is focused on getting the patient/client out of a "fight or flight" mindset, finding positions of comfort and lasting relief.

TMJ Treatment

This treatment focuses on alleviating tension, pain and holding patterns around the jaw.  We use techniques to loosen muscles and tissue from inside the mouth.  Posture and holding patterns are assessed while also addressing neck muscles and associated fascia.

Meet Jennifer Thomassen

Certified Massage Therapist
Owner & Operator

Jennifer is a clinical massage therapist / integrative manual therapist with over seventeen years of experience co-treating with the medical community.  Her approach to massage and manual therapy is distinguished by its focus on addressing specific issues, injuries, pain, or client goals. Whether you are an athlete or just getting back into movement, pre/post surgery, have an acute injury or recurring pain, this work is designed to accomplish relevant change.  Jennifer is equipped with advanced hands-on techniques blended with movement therapy.  This approach consistently yields positive results leading to improved quality of life, reduced pain, and tools for long-term resilience.

Abstract Background

"Jennifer offers more than a massage. She's become a vital partner in my holistic health journey. Her extensive expertise in various techniques and modalities helps me maintain my body's strength as I age. Going beyond, she coordinates with other providers, ensuring valuable advice and continuous care adding exceptional value."

Bob // Client

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